Masking is child abuse and adult abuse–RESIST!


Journalist Karol  Markowicz writes at the NY Post “kids unlucky enough to live in blue cities and states were subjected to the anti-science mania of gentry liberals and the cravenness of political leaders beholden to teachers unions.

“A McKinsey study released last week surveyed the damage. It concluded that school closures “left students on average five months behind in mathematics and four months behind in reading by the end of the school year.”

In a tweet she wrote, “If you’re a blue check on the left who has been in my DMs in the last year quietly agreeing with me, now is the time to come out and say so. Don’t ruin another year for kids because you’re scared your tribe will criticize you. Do the right thing.”

This is an obvious fact. It’s not partisan, or at least it shouldn’t be.

Masking needs to go, period.

When we didn’t know much about the COV virus, masking up was reasonable. Hospitals were become overcrowded in some areas, asymptomatic people could spread it, and we didn’t have a vaccine.

People aren’t wearing masks properly and they catch it anyway at home. No one reasonable is going to do what the Surgeon General wants — wear masks at home around your children.

We have a vaccine now and we were told if we got the vaccine, we didn’t need to wear a mask.

Thousands of foreigners with COV are coming in illegally every day but they don’t have to follow guidelines and are let loose in the nation.

More than 160 million people are vaccinated with 70% of the eligible having received at least one shot. That’s a great number, especially since children can’t be vaccinated.

No more masks, vaccines are good, masks are a waste of time. Let the individuals decide. It’s time for the Government to get out of our lives.

Why are schools telling children to mask? Half of the teachers aren’t vaccinated and children, even teens, are not spreading the virus.

The data from Provincetown was used to put us all back in masks but it was Bear Week — a huge super spreader event. Only 8.3% of the 60,000 attendees got the virus which is about what the estimates say is expected.

The data does not support masking up, especially not in schools.

Follow the science and stand up against masking. The Government is authoritarian and needs to be put in check. This is not partisan.

Except it is partisan for our chief bureaucrat.

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