Mass Firing of Never Trumpers at RedState Website


Editor Caleb Howe and a slew of other Never Trumpers were fired by Redstate. Their readership has been going down, roughly from 12 million to 7 million a month.

Salem Media owns the site. They froze it on Friday and then fired a lot of writers.

“I think the ones who were shitcanned—and this is just my opinion—could probably be easily defined as the loudest and most vocal Trump critics,” Caleb’s brother, Ben Howe said.

“There’s a clear pattern that the people who were let go were all critics of Donald Trump,” said Patrick Frey, a lawyer who blogs as Patterico and whose contract was also terminated on Friday.

“It was a complete surprise,” Frey said. “There’d been rumors of contract changes but being fired was a complete surprise.”

“They fired everybody who was insufficiently supportive of Trump,” one of the sources who spoke with CNNMoney said, adding, “how do you define being ‘sufficiently supportive’ of Trump?”

As one who has been reading RedState, I take exception to that comment. The articles were all-too-often hateful, angry, and bitterly anti-Trump.

On Friday, bloggers were locked out of their accounts — some just temporarily, while the cuts were made, and others permanently. Erickson’s account was canceled but he has been gone since 2015.

Never Trumper Erickson Is Quite Sad

Erick Erickson, a former editor of RedState and a Never Trumper, was sad to see it take place. He claims their downfall was when they took to clickbait. That may be, but the real problem is the writers spend 24/7 bashing Trump. They’re not just critics, they’re hateful. That helps the far-left.

There are so many egregious actions by the far-left that they could concentrate on, why spend every waking moment trashing a President who is doing a lot of good things, conservative things? The Democrat Party has embraced the hard-left and Chuck Schumer is an obstructionist on every issue — let’s talk about that!

Even conservatives who don’t like Trump want him to succeed and they want the hard-left to fail. These Never Trumpers just don’t get it. Their judgment is clouded by their hatred for Trump. They would rather see the nation go down to Socialism and Communism than stop trashing Trump.

Maybe Salem Media finally gets it.

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