Mass Vaccination of Animals Using Mosquitos, Coming Soon


Elephant with a zebra skin into a crowd .

According to billionaire social engineer Bill Gates, he wants to help “(livestock) animals survive either by having vaccines or better genetics.”

“The Gates Foundation is partnered with DFID on a great number of things, and among those is work we do together on livestock,” Gates stated, referring to the United Kingdom-based Department for International Development.

“Helping animals survive, either by having vaccines or better genetics, helping them be more productive – it’s making a big difference.”

“I was down in Ethiopia seeing how chickens are out there laying more eggs, getting more nutrition, and even some small savings into the household,” Gates, who is not a scientist, bragged.

Ethiopia is a very poor country and is an easy target for Gates’ experiments.

Chinese Communists Want Mosquitos to Become Vehicles for Mass Vaccination of Livestock

In an article published in the peer-reviewed journal Nature Communications on December 16, researchers said they had developed a new technology to turn a mosquito into a flying vaccine carrier to immunize animals in the wild, SCMP reports.

“Our study provides a future avenue for developing a mosquito-delivered vaccine to eliminate zoonotic viruses,” said Professor Zheng Aihau, with the Institute of Zoology’s State Key Laboratory of Integrated Management of Pest Insects and Rodents at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, who led the research.

Some of us would call that a bioweapon. The Chinese Communists say they want to use it to cure the world of diseases.

The researchers found that bites in wildlife from genetically modified mosquitoes triggered a strong, long-lasting immune response. Once immunized, the animals resisted infections, thus helping to prevent the early spread of many viruses, including the once-widespread Zika virus (ZIKV).

They say they also want to get rid of the flavivirus genus and the Chaoyang virus (CYV).

What will this do to mosquitos and the people the mosquitos bite or the animals the people eat?

It sounds dangerous, given our experience with the coronavirus. There are no controls or proper oversight. We’ve already seen how ethical these people re.

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