NBC News Discovers Fallon Is Not Worth $80 Million


Jimmy Fallon’s “Tonight Show” is trailing in the ratings to Fox News’ “Gutfeld!” causing NBC executives to question the wisdom of spending heavily on Fallon’s contract extension.

According to RadarOnline, almost 19 months after NBC signed an $80 million five-year contract extension with Fallon, “The Tonight Show” is drawing under 1.3 million viewers, less than half the audience of “Gutfeld!”

Fallon chalked up an impressive 11 million viewers when he first took over for outgoing legend Jay Leno — but now he’s also being bested in the ratings by Stephen Colbert’s CBS Late Show!

A source said NBC regrets the funnyman’s pricey long-term deal and added, “The network knows the days are gone when tens of millions of people would tune in for The Tonight Show — but they were counting on Jimmy to do better than this!”

It’s no mystery why no one watches him.

This is what they paid $80 million for – cringe humor that will live on in comedy infamy:

The Left canceled actual comedy. Dave Rubin analyzes:

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