Massive Censorship Heading Our Way


The X platform has rejoined the UN/World Economic Forum Global Alliance for Responsible Media [GARM]. According to Reclaim the Net, it’s a pro-censorship, World Economic Forum-affiliated advertisers’ group. The US Congress investigated them last year. They allegedly keep things safe with censorship. It’s likely about getting advertising. This group makes it impossible for people they censor to make money.

At the same time, Blinken is spending his time with technology which will be used in part to control “disinformation.”

Blinken spoke during a live-streamed interview last week with Matthew Graviss, the State Department’s chief data and AI officer.

He said, “ AI could be used to accelerate the [UN] Sustainable Development Goals, which are, for the most part, stalled.”

[The UN’s sustainable goals are communism.]

Secretary of State Blinken spoke about AI’s “extraordinary potential” and “extraordinary benefit” for society. He plans to use AI to “direct more stable societies.”

Watching this incompetent man talk about the leadership of the dementia-ridden president was frustrating.


Blinken stated the federal government will use AI for ”media monitoring.” The goal is “using it to combat disinformation, one of the poisons of the international system today.”

According to him, the government will have to take the “necessary steps to mitigate threats” and ensure safe, responsible use of social media.

Everything with this government is to make government bigger and force it into every part of our lives.

It’s hard to watch this elitist talk about controlling speech:

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