Pfizer, Moderna to Develop mRNA Vax for Imaginary Flu Pandemic


Pfizer and Moderna are preparing for the imaginary “influenza pandemic” with an mRNA vaccine. The Biden regime is giving Moderna $176 million to develop the shot.

The vaccine will also treat bird flu in humans, which is currently no problem. Since humans already have a bird flu vaccine, they’ll just adopt it. It will cost millions in tax dollars.

The US taxpayer is keeping Moderna afloat. It relies on the government, which is never a good thing for healthcare.

“The award also enables rapid development of mRNA vaccine targeted to various influenza virus subtypes, or strains, with pandemic potential. Development and manufacturing can pivot quickly, if needed to address other emerging infectious diseases,” HHS said.

Our Democrat government is all in.

As Jordan Schachtel posted on X, it’s a catchall to take our money:

“Pfizer and Moderna are now making mRNAs for “pandemic influenza,” which the FDA and CDC will rubber stamp.

“Our Govt Health institutions are so captured that Pharma doesn’t even need a specific idea, just a broad category “vaccine,” & it will pass through all regulatory hurdles.”

Schachtel added, “Pfizer and Moderna are effectively manufacturing a cure for a yet-to-be-discovered infectious agent.”

Dr. Peter Hotez discussed it in May. He was a big fan of the COVID-19 vaccines, lockdowns, all of it.

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