Massive Crowd Greets Donald Trump in Iowa


A massive crowd greeted Donald Trump in Iowa as he made his way through the state fair.

They cheered and waved as he made his way through the famous fair this sunny Saturday afternoon.

“It’s a beautiful day in Iowa,” said President Trump, “but there’s a record crowd; they’ve never had anything even close, so I’m very happy.”

RSBN said that while the exact number of attendees has not yet been released for the third day of this year’s fair held in Des Moines, Americans can expect it to surpass the previous single-day attendance record of 128,298 recorded on Aug. 20, 2022.

President Trump told reporters, “You know, they should…really try and get this country back together. What they’ve done to this country by weaponization…They are destroying this country and the media…is a very big part of it.

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