More on Massive FBI Screw Up in Nikolas Cruz Case


CNN reporter Rosa Flores said Wednesday that they have learned more about the egregious error made by the FBI when they did not follow up on a tip about Nikolas Cruz. They didn’t follow up on two tips. FBI Director Wray briefed Congress.

Flores said, “Because you know that we already knew of the tip that fell through the cracks, that — that call that came in on January 5th. We’re just learning a few more details. The fact that this caller mentioned that Cruz had a spread of weapons on his bed.”

The FBI employee who received the tip ALSO knew about the YouTube tip anD went to the supervisor.

“We know that the caller called the FBI and the employee that took that call saw the report, the prior tipster, the report regarding the tip to YouTube. And — and that exchange, we don’t know exactly if this employee took that portion to his or her supervisor, but we know that the employee took this particular tip, the one in January, to his or her supervisor and that the supervisor deemed it not a national security risk.”

There is no question it should have gone to the Miami office. But let’s blame guns.

“And John, we know what happens after that. We know that that tip fell through the cracks and we know that the FBI is investigating, and they say that that tip should have gone to the Miami field office.”

The supervisor screwed up and he should be fired. Despite that, no one will be fired.

The transcript is horrifying and the fact that this was ignored is even more horrifying.


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