Unhinged and Undeterred! Moonbeam, Lawless AG Will Continue Open Borders


Attorney General Sessions gave a press conference Wednesday to describe the intent of his lawsuit against the sanctuary state of California. Immediately following his speech, Governor Moonbeam Brown and Attorney General Xavier Becerra spoke.

These two are very radical. They are leftist revolutionaries who have destroyed the border in the state.

Moonbeam said he “will stick to the law” and fight the federal government. They will expose immigration enforcement, he says. The crazy governor doesn’t want the Federal government to blame California in a “political show.”

Jerry Brown is so benevolent and will still hold out his hand to work with “Jeff” if he “gets over this maneuver” he’s on “because it’s unbecoming.”

Loco Brown said, “this lawsuit is going to last a longer time than the Trump administration.”

Leftist Becerra echoed Brown and said “the Trump administration has failed utterly” in immigration reform. The Attorney General thinks he’s promoting “public safety.”


Attorney General Jeff Sessions gave us a little more information Wednesday about the lawsuit against California’s open borders policies. He explained that we fought a Civil War over the Federal government’s role and the Federal government won. They have supremacy over borders.

California has passed laws to keep employers from following the Federal laws mandating the hiring of illegal aliens. They will be prosecuted if they follow the law.

The sanctuary state of California won’t allow ICE to do their jobs. ICE’s lawful authority is being blocked at every turn. Sessions gave an example. He said the bureaucrats “inspect” facilities where ICE keeps criminal illegals and batters them with bureaucratic demands until they are forced to release these criminals into the community.

Sanctuary locales reject all immigration law and borders, but the United States is a secular nation-state with borders, Sessions said.

Sessions condemned the Mayor of Oakland for warning criminal aliens and the Governor for praising her, making the job of law enforcement much more dangerous. The Mayor’s statement that she is protecting the community is untrue, he continued. More than 800 wanted criminals are loose in the community because of her “irresponsible” action. His message to her is “how dare you” endanger the officers to promote a “radical open borders agenda”.

The California laws must be “frozen”, Sessions added. He isn’t trying to force state enforcement officers to help ICE. He wants these jurisdictions to stop blocking federal law enforcement from doing their job.

Only the “most radical extremists” want open borders, he repeated more than once.

Governor Brown and the lawless attorney general Xavier Becerra insist they will continue to violate the law while claiming they are following the law. The law they abide by is the one they made up based on their leftist ideology. It is clearly unconstitutional.

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  1. All Sessions did was try to elevate his bad image while giving the left red meat. If he cannot protect presidential power he does not have the metal to protect anything else. His creation of the Rosenstein/Mueller extralegal attack team, a hugely conflicted team which includes some of the conspirators, indicates that he has no concern for the Constitution.

  2. U.S. Marshals need to arrest all governors and mayors of sanctuary states and cities and charge them with aiding and abetting criminals.

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