Massive ‘Russia’ cyberattack was like a Google search of federal agencies?


We have put up several reports about the massive cyberattack on our federal agencies based on MSM reports. The left is insisting Russians did it without any evidence. Worse yet, the entire thing might have been a grossly exaggerated nothing burger.

Richard Clarke worked under three administrations and served as special advisor to President George W. Bush. He terrified everyone after reports of a massive cyber-attack was carried out on the U.S. government. However, as he later elaborated, it seems apparent the attack might not have been any worse than a Google search.

“This is the largest espionage attack in history,” Clarke stated emphatically to host Jake Tapper. “This is as though the Russians got a passkey, a skeleton key for about half the locks in the country. Think about it that way. It’s 18,000 companies and government institutions scattered around the U.S. And the world. This is an espionage attack.”

Former Trump Homeland Security Adviser Tom Bossert was the first to raise alarms about the hack in a Thursday New York Times op-ed.

“The magnitude of this ongoing attack is hard to overstate,” he warned.

Since then reports have surfaced that the U.S. agencies that maintain its nuclear warhead stockpile were compromised.

Tapper asked what kind of information they obtained and what is the risk.

“Well, they did not get into classified, secret, or top-secret networks yet, as far as we know,” Clarke replied. “So they found whatever you can find on an unclassified network in the federal department. Some of that is interesting and some of that, combined with classified information, will tell you something.”

The real vulnerability, in Clarke’s esteem, is how they can use access to networks in a future crisis, and potentially blackmail the U.S. to influence foreign policy.

WHAAAAT? They only got the information I can get in a Google search???

We fell for the MSM BS reports once again. But who knows? Maybe the first story is the truth.

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