Woman finds raccoon in her Christmas tree, it ends up swinging from her chandelier – funny


This is funny. Watch the clip to the end. The raccoon came in through the doggie door and the owner found it in her Christmas tree. She thought it was a cat, and ended up screaming at one point.

The raccoon eventually started swinging on her chandelier. A good time was had by all.


Here’s the true story — the dog did it:

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all of your pet food will be mine
all of your pet food will be mine
2 years ago

They are smart lil’ creatures. I have seen local Rocky raccoons get on hind legs and open up rolling plastic (made in China) trashcans.
Local recycler got a juicy contract with the city and they are upgraded now with a height that the Rocky and Rockettes can’t reach.
During the summer drought I put leftovers on the porch and one tried to bite me but it barely penetrated a thick dermis.
I said that’s how you’re gonna do me after I put out some vittles and we had a good laugh as it rubbed its paws together like the plotting raccoon in the classic meme.