Maxine says GOP’s using her comment to raise money for the KKK


Maxine Waters Claims the  GOP Is  Using ‘Confrontational’ Comment to Raise Money With KKK, White Supremacists

By now, you have all heard that Maxine Waters, a radical Left California Representative, told a mob of revolutionaries to “stay in the street” and become “more confrontational” if Derek Chauvin is not convicted of murdering George Floyd.

Republicans demanded she be censured and condemned Waters for her remarks. The Judge in the Derek Chauvin case said Waters’ comments may result in any conviction “being overturned” on appeal.

Waters could care less about criticisms. She said at TheGrio:

In an exclusive interview with theGrio, Waters dismissed suggestions that she was encouraging violence. “I am nonviolent,” she said. The congresswoman said attempts to characterize her words and suggest otherwise is nothing more than a political tactic by the GOP.

“Republicans will jump on any word, any line and try to make it fit their message and their cause for denouncing us and denying us, basically calling us violent … any time they see an opportunity to seize on a word, so they do it and they send a message to all of the white supremacists, the KKK, the Oath Keepers, the [Proud] Boys and all of that, how this is a time for [Republicans] to raise money on [Democrats] backs,” Waters added.

“This is a time for [Republicans] to keep telling our constituents that [Democrats] are the enemy and they do that time and time again,” Waters said of what she described as a Republican strategy. “But that does not deter me from speaking truth to power. I am not intimidated. I am not afraid, and I do what needs to be done.”

Waters claimed she meant “confronting the justice system, confronting the policing that’s going on,” and “speaking up.”

“I am not worried that they’re going to continue to distort what I say,” she said. “This is who they are and this is how they act. And I’m not going to be bullied by them.”

The revolutionaries she addressed were fired up and they knew exactly what she meant. They plan to riot.

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