May 19 interview with Donald J. Trump on OANN without commentary


Former President Donald Trump gave a wide-ranging interview to Channel Rion of One American News Network on May 19th. It seems to be missing from the Internet and YouTube banned OANN from posting.

This is what they do in dictatorships.

The interview covered Big Tech and the censorship of everyone who disagrees with them. Mr. Trump said, “we won’t have much of a country left if we don’t do something about it.”

The banning of this interview is a good example of what he is saying.

DJT covers the election and the drop boxes everywhere, deep state, Mitch McConnell, and open borders.

President Trump addressed the corporations who are all in unison on the Marxist propaganda.

He addressed his future in the clips.

There is no commentary in the clips:



  1. When it comes to just plain news reporting OAN is clearly the lone voice. They have their opinion shows also but those are few in number compared to the news side.

    They have had a recent segment regarding Newsmax and the leftist CEO Chris Ruddy. I knew of his massive donation to the Clinton Foundation quite some time ago. Dennis Michael Lynch found out you do not go against Ruddy. OAN didn’t mention that. They actually pulled the plug while the show was In Progress. They’ve gradually went downhill to become a superficial network. They went downhill fast after Steve Malzberg left.

  2. Trump was the last chance and a second term would have been beautiful but the global soviet fellow travelers are in a hurry.
    Burning down the world and culling almost all of humanity is a feature and not a bug to the Luciferians.

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