Literally sickening! Video of monsters easily crossing our open border


A retired border agent, Victor Avila, shows a makeshift bridge with no agents in sight in the first clip, but the interview that follows is horrifying. The Cartels and all the drugs come through regularly. These are the open borders Biden refuses to acknowledge because they don’t care as long as they get all these new Democrats into the country.

Mr. Avila wrote a true story titled, “Agent Under Fire,” and is investigating the southern border.

These videos are stunning and were first reported by 100 Percent Fed Up. This was at the Rio Grande in Hudspeth County, Texas.

Instead of stopping rapists, child predators, and drug cartels from crossing our border, agents are changing the diapers of babies in holding facilities where over 20,000 children have been processed.

Retired Supervisory Special ICE Agent Victor Avila told the outlets that the Biden regime has actually removed the lights on the border which has helped to facilitate cartels crossing.

“The morale is on the floor, Patty; it is bad!” Avila told Patty McMurray of 100 Percent Fed Up when asked about how the US Border Agents are dealing with this massive invasion of our nation under Biden. “They want to do their jobs—they love doing their jobs, but they’re not allowed to do their jobs as outlined in their description of duties,” Avila said. He added, “They told me, ‘Listen, Victor, we don’t know how to take care of kids and transport and be medical assistants. This is not what we went to the academy for.” He added that border agents feel like they have no backup under “President” Biden.

Felons are Democrats’ voting bloc so drug cartels will gladly support Democrats. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship. Iran and China actively support Democrats as well.

Mr. Avila said it’s more than that, and it is, there are Americans who want to destroy this country. They’re not stupid or naive. They know what they are doing. The sooner people accept it, the better off we will be.

Biden, or at least his handlers, know cartels make $14 million a month — at least on trafficking. They don’t care. All that matters is their mission — one-party control.

Short clip of the bridge:

Monsters are coming or they are here. How many terrorists have come? The cartels help them come over and they use illegal aliens as mules. They make those illegal aliens (domicile aliens) who made it to also help them. There is no prosecution of anyone — the prosecutor won’t do it.

Illegal aliens are sent all over the country with no ID. [Some have COV]

The majority of the illegals coming in are well-bodied males who will make great Antifa and BLM militants, Mr. Avila says.

As for the children, they are being released willy nilly and it gives cartels many opportunities to traffic them.

Parents are leaving their little children in the desert while they cross. Also, cartels loan the trafficked children to fake parents so they can come in illegally. They also sex traffic the children in this country.

We will quickly find ourselves mirroring the Central American/Mexican cartel-controlled countries.

The full interview comes via 100% Fed Up and The Gateway Pundit. You have to listen to Mr. Avila but sit down, it’s sickening:

Obviously, a lot of Americans hate the country and want to destroy us.

Thank a Democrat!

This is accurate:

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