Mayor Adams Fears Migrants Will “Destroy” NYC, Want Foosball?


Mayor Eric Adams fears that the migrants, the euphemistic name for illegal aliens, will “destroy” New York City. He can’t figure out why they’re all pouring in and generally blames Gov. Abbott. It couldn’t be because of all the freebies we give them.

Adams can’t figure out why he’s getting so many of them while he gives them free housing, culturally appropriate meals, fluff-and-fold laundry, video games, board games, popcorn machines, snacks, tea, and coffee 24/7, everything they need for the babies and children, TVs, X-boxes, ping pong, foosball tables, Wi-Fi, and phones for making free international calls. Then there is the $ 2,000 to $ 3,000 they get monthly from the federal government. And if they pretend they’re two families – the father brings in one kid, and the mother brings in the other kids – they get double the allowance because it’s an easy scam. That couldn’t possibly be the reason they’re coming.

He doesn’t realize that most of them were sent here by Joe Biden, not Governor Abbott. At least 75% come in with money or transportation the Biden administration provides.

The illegal aliens, aka migrants, are allowed to go anywhere they want, and 100,000 wanted to go to New York.

We will pay for them forever, and they’ll continue voting for Democrats to ensure that happens.

Slashing Services for NYers to Provide for Anonymous People Worldwide

Adams plans to slash overtime for police and other city services to service foreigners worldwide, including terrorists, criminals, and deadbeats. Why he doesn’t see the correlation between inviting them with goodies and them coming, we cannot say.

I guess the city has defeated all of its problems – crime, homelessness, poverty all resolved because now we have so much money to spend on illegal aliens, oops, migrants.

Mayor Adams has made it clear that New York City is now a black-run city, and apparently, what that means is 100,000 plus migrants get taxpayer money without earning it. They get to fill up playgrounds, ball fields, hotels, homeless shelters, gyms, churches, and Catholic High schools. All against the will of the majority of New Yorkers.

Don’t be confused. It is the Republican’s fault. The New York Times made that clear in a recent article. It’s the GOPs fault because we won’t give amnesty to all illegal alien migrants here so they can vote for Democrats. Therefore, they will allow enough of them into the country to form an army that demands amnesty so they can vote for Democrats.

They’ve created sanctuaries throughout the nation, and that was done for a reason. They hope to make the Republicans disappear so they never win another presidential election.

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