Mayor Adams: Juneteenth Holiday Were the Deadliest Days


Mayor Eric Adams announced that Juneteenth was one of the deadliest days in New York City.

“Juneteenth was our celebration of emancipation and the end of slavery. That was one of the most deadly days in our city,” said Mayor Adams during a press conference.

“Ten shootings, I think. Six homicides. A 16-year-old boy was shot in the head. Close range.”

“You know, we have to be honest about this,” Adams said. “You know what’s interesting? All those anti-police folks didn’t raise their voice at all, Black Lives Matter.”

“Black lives matter when innocent people are shot on our streets. And I’m not going to continue to remain silent,” Adams added.

Juneteenth Was Deadly in Several Democrat Cities

There were mass shootings with multiple people killed or wounded in suburban Chicago, Washington state, central Pennsylvania, St. Louis, Idaho, Southern California, and Baltimore, among other places.

Deadly celebrations ended in mass shootings in Washington State, Pennsylvania, St. Louis, and elsewhere. They are almost all gang-involved. Lax law enforcement and gangs are not blamed, just guns.

Mass Shootings, Mostly by Gangs

Across Chicago, 75 people were shot in celebrations, 13 fatally, over Juneteenth weekend. It included a father of four who was gunned down at a large family Father’s Day park gathering.

“Every time I read and hear about another life that is lost because of violence, my heart breaks,” Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson said at a news conference on Monday. “Fifteen-year-olds, 14-year-olds, you all know I’m raising children in Chicago. It hurts.”

You’re hurt. The people who were shot were really hurt. Enforce the law.

Ignoring the Core Problem

Black Lives Matter has never marched for the mass gang killings in black areas. Black criminals are killing innocent black people. Until the problem is recognized for what it is, nothing will get better. For years, the media and politicians have ignored the core problem.

A spokesperson for Black Lives Matter gave a reason for ignoring the gang killings that are the root of the problem.

“Black Lives Matter isn’t just about the loss of life, which is always terrible. It’s about the lack of consequences when black lives are taken at the hands of police.”

That ignores reality. Police kill very few black lives except in the commission of a crime. Nearly half of the homicides in the US are committed by black people, mostly against other black people.

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Peter Prange
Peter Prange
7 months ago

If I were black I would be begging for more police.
A black man is dying from drugs but happens to be arrested before dying and they blame the cop”? It is a ploy for more control and the more black politicians control the more black on black crime grows. My black life would matter a great deal and I would want all the criminals off the street. If my child was murdered by a black criminal, I would want the criminal executed.
When I looked at ho my family income stagnated under Obama, and suddenly grew under Trump, I would look for another such man as president without considering whether he was yellow, red, black or purple.

7 months ago

There is nothing any mayor can do to control these violent people. You do Stop and Frisk and you’re racist against black males. You build more jails and put them away and then you are racist for locking up black males for long terms. When a brotha gets killed in the Hood, a revenge killing will follow at some point and its just back and forth from there. If you witness a crime and speak up, you are taking your life in your hands. Blacks are use to violence, otherwise, they wouldn’t put up with violence in their communities. Best advice from someone who grew up around that environment, stay the hell away from them.