Mayor Adams’ NYC Where Crime Is Only a Perception


Mayor Adams doesn’t want you to believe your lying eyes. New York City keeps getting more dangerous, and he wants you to believe it’s just a perception, not reality. He claims crime is decreasing, but it isn’t. However, what helps the numbers is the fact that assault, burglary, gun crimes, face punching, and throwing feces at women aren’t crimes any longer. You have to rape or murder even to be held in prison for any length of time.

Instead of prosecuting crimes or getting rid of bail reform, Adams is adding gun detection equipment that has moderate success, but it doesn’t matter since gun crimes are ignored.

Here’s one of the city’s performances that will result in nothing:

Before this new technology Adams promoted in the clip above, they added lights. It didn’t do anything except make it easier for criminals to see their prey.

It’s so safe that Gov. Hochul added 1,000 National Guard and State Police to check people’s tote bags for guns, but the officer who was just killed was stabbed to death.

Adams continually tells us New Yorkers that it’s perception. A young police officer with a wife and baby was just killed addressing a pair of gun-toting hoodlums parked at a bus stop, most likely casing a store to rob. The man who killed the officer has been arrested 21 times, and some of those arrests were for weapons charges. The monster had a shiv stored up his butt. The driver is also a career criminal who keeps getting let out of prison.

As an aside, Donald Trump called the officer’s, Jonathan Diller’s, wife, at the funeral home. The Director told the wife someone was on the phone to speak with her, and she said she was not taking calls. The Director said she might want to take this one. She did and invited Donald Trump to the funeral. He’s flying up, so the media demonized him even though he asked for no publicity.

You’re falling for gibberish if you feel safer in New York City, but I doubt my fellow New Yorkers feel safer. Still, they will probably vote for more of these ideological psycho nutjobs.

The criminals keep getting arrested for the same crimes, and if they appear mentally ill, they get a pass on criminal behavior. The NYPD wants you to know they are arresting these people.

Look at how safe it isn’t in New York City.

In New York, men like Daniel Penny, who would save you, are arrested and threatened with 15 years in prison.

Adams constantly says an increase in crime is only a perception.

Mayor Adams is afraid of white supremacists.

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