Mayor Eric Adams Is Unhappy with White [Crackas?] Reporters


The new mayor of New York City is busy firing city workers and attempting to loosen crime laws. He wanted judges to be banned from holding people pre-trial because of the suspect’s “dangerousness” and traveled to Albany to state his case.


Mayor Eric Adams fired more than 1,400 government workers who refused to get vaccinated, including 36 NYPD personnel, 25 Fire Department workers and 914 Department of Education staffers.

He used the BS excuse that he’s just continuing his predecessor’s policies. The pandemic is over and it’s unnecessary.


Adams ranted on Tuesday, threatening to stop fielding “off-topic” questions at his press conferences. He blasted the Big Apple’s news organizations over what he said was their lack of racial diversity, suggesting there are too many ‘crackas,’ as he likes to call white people.

Adams claimed that accounts of his trip to Albany, none of which touched on race, were unfairly negative.

“If you want to acknowledge or not, I have been doing a darn good job and we just can’t live in this alternate reality,” a clearly angered Adams said.

He didn’t like the response to his traveling to Albany to loosen crime laws.

“How many blacks are on editorial boards? How many blacks determine how these stories are being written?” he said.

“How many Asians? How many East Asians? How many South Asians? Everyone talks about my government being diversified, what’s the diversification in the newsrooms?”

Adams also accused the reporters of “writing through your prisms” before adding: “Diversify your newsrooms so I can look out and see people who look like me.”

“I’m trying to figure out – do you guys already write the stories before I do something and just print out what you’ve already written?”

He added: “I’m going to stop doing off-topics because if you already have your perception of me – and you are already going to stick to what you think I am — then why am I doing this?”

The truth is he’s dumb and inept. It’s sad but true and it’s also true of Alvin Bragg. It has nothing to do with his race.


He’s anti-everything and this man isn’t falling for his BS:

It’s the crackas:

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