Sussman indictment: “expose every trick we have in our bag” to make a “weak” link to Trump and Russia


Two Georgia Tech researchers were mentioned in the recent indictment of a Hillary campaign lawyer who orchestrated a spying operation against Donald Trump. The trivial information they gathered was then blown up and used to create a false narrative the lawyer fed to the FBI. Much of this report came from The College Fix.

They wanted to build a case that there were illicit communications between Donald Trump at Trump Tower and the Kremlin. They cited typical advertising pings.

One of the researchers warned they would have to “expose every trick we have in our bag” to make “a very weak association” between Trump and the Russians.

According to the indictment, Georgia Tech computer scientist Manos Antonakakis (referred to in the indictment as “Researcher-1”), and data scientist David Dagon (“Researcher-2”) were on a team of data experts tasked with finding links between Trump and the Russian government.

The team’s findings were later disseminated to media outlets and to FBI investigators looking into collusion between Trump and the Russians.

The Sentinel and many others knew the Alfa Bank controversy was absurd and manufactured as soon as it was revealed in 2017, Circa news and OAN exposed the plot. At the time, an Indiana Professor was involved.

John Solomon, formerly of Circa news, reported on this at length. He has been vilified by the Left even when he has the actual documents.

The MSM ignored the corrupt FISA reports in 2019 because they exposed the FBI peccadillos.

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