Mayor Johnson Found a Hiding Place for Illegals Pre-DNC Convention


Chicago will host the 2024 Democratic National Convention from August 19 to 22. It looks like Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson wanted to hide illegal aliens before the Democratic National Convention. He was planning to open a shelter for them on the South Side where conventiongoers and media wouldn’t see them.

There are a lot of illegal aliens all over Chicago since it’s a sanctuary city for the entire world.

Nicole Lee

Alderman Nicole Lee of the 11th Ward did not approve since she realized it was possibly to hide them. The building under consideration is between railroad tracks. The Johnson administration told Alderman Lee the plan was to move 900 illegal aliens out of the Loop.

Appearances are more important than anything in politics, including the truth.

“In our initial conversion, there was mention of the DNC. And, like, the timing of it all felt a little odd to me. I don’t, first of all, I don’t think that we should be moving people to hide them. I hope that’s not what the actual case is,” Lee said.

Lee told The Chicago Tribune:

Lee had said the proposal to house migrants in an industrial area surrounded by train tracks elicited environmental and safety concerns. But what most disappointed her was the administration’s explanation that the move was because of the planned closure of a downtown migrant shelter before the Democratic National Convention comes to Chicago in August, she said.

“I was told that the location would need renovations, that they needed to get everything done and ready for a July 1 move-in ahead of the DNC,” Lee said Sunday. “It was pretty disturbing. … It seemed that they were down a path, and I’m hoping that we’ve as a city learned a lot of lessons from all of the experiences in the last year with opening shelters.”

Lee noticed Johnson hadn’t contacted the building’s owners at that point.

Lee, 11th, told the Tribune earlier on Sunday that the “pretty shocking” communication breakdown. She said itpoints to a larger pattern of the Johnson administration’s shaky leadership on the migrant crisis.

“What’s going on? What’s going on that nobody was in touch with the owners?” Lee said. “This shines a big light and calls into question how this is being managed, and the people that we have working for the city … That just is mind-blowing to me.”

Bajaj Medical, the pharmaceutical company that owns the building, confirmed that no one from Johnson’s office contacted anyone. The company added it “does not intend to approve any public use of this property.”

A spokesperson for the city’s Department of Family and Support Services weaseled out. The SPOX issued the following in a statement last Friday. Lee “was given notice in an effort to gather feedback and information about a potential temporary emergency site.”

“We will continue to be transparent and inform community stakeholders as we gather more information and determine next steps,” the city said, expecting to be believed.

Johnson withdrew the proposal.


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