Weapons Shipments or Not, Israel Vows to Destroy Hamas


We already reported this, but it should be repeated. Netanyahu responded to Joe Biden’s halting arms shipments.

“No decision by any international forum will stop Israel from defending itself,” he declared. “If Israel is forced to stand alone – Israel will stand alone.” If I were Netanyahu, I would do the same thing. I don’t want the US to enter this war, but we promised these weapons, and we have written agreements with Israel. Israel faces an existential threat. Depleting Hamas’s power bases seems necessary at this point. Hamas is planning a lot more October 7’s – their words.

Everyone in Germany was wrong in World War II. We don’t need a repeat.

I know my position isn’t always popular.

What do you think?

Actor Michael Rappoport, a committed Democrat who loves Israel, is done with Joe. He won’t vote for cadaver Joe Biden and will vote for Donald Trump, and he hates Trump.

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