Biden Won’t Send Arms to Israel If They Attack Rafah


According to Thursday’s Washington Post (WaPo) report, Biden will hold shipments of US offensive weapons to Israel if the country invades Rafah.

UN Ambassador Gilad Erdan said Biden’s comments were “very disappointing” and would embolden Iran, Hamas, and Hezbollah. Finance minister Bezalel Smotrich said Israel must “withstand the international pressure” and continue its war “despite President Biden’s pushback and embargo.”

Biden made the comments during a CNN interview.

The CCP-controlled World Health Organization (WHO) said Israel’s closure of the Rafah border crossing would cause health services in southern Gaza to run out of fuel in three days. Biden and a group warned it was critical to keep the crossing open.

In other words, the Chinese Communist Party’s WHO wants the Gazan terrorists to have the opportunity to keep arms flowing.


Senator Chris Van Halen said the invasion would leave “untold civilian death and destruction.” He supported Biden‘s warning that the US will “not be complicit in the suffering.” He doesn’t complain about the suffering of Americans.

Representative Ilhan Omar, a Democrat antisemitic, anti-American Somalian, praised the move. She has said she is in Congress for Somalia. Omar, whose daughter was one of the more radical protesters, added, “This is what young people across the country are protesting.“Finally, the needle has moved in a significant way,“ she said on social media. She should have added that they were mostly protesting for communism. Antifa has a very large presence on most of the mobbing of college campuses.

She said, “…don’t ever let people tell you that your voices are meaningless and your actions are worthless. The arc of what is possible is…”

In other words, if you scream, threaten, and wreck colleges across the United States, you will get your way if you are doing the Democrats’ bidding. If you are a Republican, you will face long prison sentences and might as well commit suicide or get shot, as in the Bundy occupiers and the J6ers. The Right gets punished, and the Left is lauded by a hate-filled Islamist and most Democrats.


A Democrat and Republicans criticized Biden’s move. Representative Ritchie Torres, a Democrat of New York, said withholding military aid is a mockery of the US’s credibility as an ally.

House Speaker Mike Johnson, a Republican, and Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell called the move “dangerous” in a joint letter addressed to Biden, wrote WaPo.

“Israel faces an existential and multi-front threat as recently demonstrated by the direct attack by Iran and Iranian-backed terrorists. Daylight between the United States and Israel at this time emboldening Israel’s enemies and undermining the trust that other allies and partners in the United States,” they said.

The message the world will get is the US can’t be trusted. If Barack Obama were running things, that would be the goal. Oh, wait…

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