Mayor Wheeler sends ‘postcards from Portland’ for real, he’s serious


You undoubtedly remember that Mayor Ted Wheeler had to move out of his condo because antifa was waging violent assaults on the building and the tenants. They kept everyone up at night with loud noises and fireworks, harassed and threatened people who lived in the building, vandalized the building, and eventually tried to burn it down.

Wheeler owns several other properties and moved out to spare his neighbors.

With that, I take you to his latest tweets.

“During the first debate, President Trump portrayed Portland as a city of violence and destruction. Even during challenging times, Portland is a beautiful and vibrant city. Today, I’m sharing dispatches from around the city showcasing the Portland we know. #PostcardsFromPortland

What world does this man live in?


President Trump didn’t make this up. This is what goes on and has been going on for more than 100 days:



  1. Don’t feel bad for esteemed party member comrade kommissar Wheeler.
    He has several other luxury dachas while the comrades only have a hovel. (Sad Trombone)
    You see some comrades are a little more equal than the others.
    Herr Kommissar keeps the comrades in tents down in the park…as long as they are useful.

  2. What a joke! Obviously the Mayor believes we’re all stupid enough to think he’d post anything other than scenes of utopian tranquillity.

  3. Democrats live in a deranged fantasy land based on wishful thinking and a carefully constructed and maintained denial of reality.

  4. This man has to be one of the most stupid human beings in the world. I am sorry but what this man has should never be passed on to another human being. He is just one sick puppy. End of story.

  5. Yes, Ted, we know Portalnd has beautiful sites. But how beautiful is the rioting and burning by Antifa and BLM in downtown Portand that is being done under your administration, when you could easily have stopped it?! How shameful Ted, that you did not stop all the rioting and destruction in your city! Utterly shameful!

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