This is what will happen if Biden wins & it should terrify you


The first video is only a segment of Bill O’Reilly’s podcast today but it is so important, everyone needs to see it. You can join the podcast inexpensively at by the month or year.

In this clip, Bill O’Reilly explains what is happening in this country. It’s not a conspiracy theory. It is what the Democrats admit they are going to do.


Starting with the Supreme Court, Joe Biden will allow the stacking of the Court. That will make the court another legislative body, destroying our three independent branches of government.

Biden and Harris will stack the Court, make no mistake of that. The hubris of Biden saying we have to vote for him to find out if he will stack the Court is stunning. Obviously, he will.

Biden can’t resist the far-left and Harris is the far-left. Biden is too old and too weak. He will turn us over to them.

Our Constitution records our rights and it is the Supreme Court that protects our rights. It is the only body that protects our rights.

Politicizing the Court with politically-appointed judges will render them worthless when it comes to rights.


The most important right, O’Reilly says, is the right to private property and without it, we can’t live comfortably. The far-left in this country does not want private property to be protected in this country. Proof lies in the constant refrain we hear from Democrats — we need a wealth tax.

They want the government to record all your wealth — art, the family farm, jewels, other items you own, wealth that is already taxed — it will then be subject to a government tax — a double tax. The government tax will own your property, and allow you to have some of it. Only the Supreme Court protects that right.

Biden will never stand up to the socialist/communist movement without that. All those freebies they promise require a wealth tax, a confiscation of property tax.

If you pack the Court as what might happen next month because it’s easy to explain and understand. There also won’t be any right to own guns. Well-regulated militias will only be a government militia. You won’t be able to protect yourself with a gun.

O’Reilly used the Court as an example but there is so much more they want to do — universal basic income, free healthcare, free college, free housing, and on and on.


That is the vision — make the citizens defenseless against the government. Tyranny hasn’t disappeared. This is what Marxism and Black Lives Matter want. It’s what Kamala Harris wants. Biden won’t stand up to it.

This is what happens when big government tells you how to live. This is tyranny and it hasn’t gone away.

This is happening, O’Reilly emphasizes.

We already lost our right to privacy and no one is doing a thing about it. Private property and all your other rights can go. Does cancel culture honor your right to speak? It’s happening.

O’Reilly also noted that law and order in the major cities is collapsing. It is and it’s because the officials are far-left. Is this what you want?


I don’t know about this Glenn Beck clip but there is at least some truth to it:

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