McAuliffe Leaves You With This: There Are Too Many White Teachers in VA


McAuliffe’s parting message is Virginia schools have too many white teachers. No kidding, that’s what he said.

That is pure racism.

Why not just have white schools with white teachers and black schools with black teachers?

Four of McAuliffe’s five children went to private school. How many tea hers were white?

He wants 80% black teachers because he claims the schools are 80% black. What difference does skin color make? If MLK Jr. saw this, he would be appalled.

This pandering fool McAuliffe couldn’t care less about the quality of education. He just wants to inflict Marxism on the Virginians.

We already heard that the McAuliffe campaign claims the election won’t be decided Tuesday because of all the mail-in ballots they have to bring in from drop boxes. The McAuliffe team also hired Hillary’s attorney, Marc Elias who is an expert at contesting elections.

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