Halyna Hutchins Buried as ‘Baldwinitos’ Pranced About Vermont


Alec Baldwin and his fake-Hispanic wife Hilaria jaunted about Vermont this past weekend, stopping to give a strange roadside interview to a reporter who was trailing them. As Baldwin talked, a snippy Hilaria tried to interject herself a number of times but was rebuffed by Alec.

He seemed distraught but he was probably acting, although he might be worried about being arrested for manslaughter. Baldwin also injured his director with the one bullet that went through Mrs. Hutchins.

One would never know that it was only Friday when the young woman he killed was buried. It was the third or fourth incident with guns on the set. He was warned before he killed her and didn’t bother to check the gun. He was told it was a cold gun.

Halyna Hutchins, 41 years of age.

After Hutchins was hit, she fell back into the arms of the head electrician and then laid on the ground.

The Times report alleges that an operator told Hutchins, “Oh, that was no good.”

With blood pouring from her chest, Hutchins replied, “No. That was no good. That was no good at all.”

The Baldwins also got to trick or treat with their children, clad in professional costumes. they posted the photos to Instagram so all of us peons could enjoy them.


“Parenting through this has been an intense experience, to say the least,” Hilaria posted on Halloween night.

Really. You can imagine how Halyna’s widower feels, Hilaria. His 9-year old son Andros was very close to his mother and wouldn’t speak for two days after he was told his mother was dead.

The UK Sun reported that the child was unable to speak for two days after his mother’s death. “Andros was incredibly close to his mother,” Halyna’s father told the Sun. “This tragedy has wrecked a beautiful, perfect family. Everyone who knows them is destroyed by sorrow.”

Who knows how this will negatively impact the child for the rest of his life.

“Halloween,” she wrote. “From the Baldwinitos.”

Hilaria and her idiot husband are heartless sickos.

Hilaria from Boston still pretends she’s Spanish and speaks with a Spanish accent, despite everyone knowing she’s not Spanish.

In the end, no matter how they prance about enjoying themselves, Baldwin was the producer and the shooter of a young mother.

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