McCabe says Trump’s speech was a ‘dog whistle’ to fight


Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe said President Donald Trump’s call for peace and unity Wednesday night was actually “coded language” meant to signal to “his folks to fight on.”

McCabe made his comments on Thursday on CNN. Trump’s speech was nothing more than a “dog whistle” to supporters, he said WITHOUT ANY EVIDENCE. His comments are illogical and bizarrely conspiratorial.

“President Trump is a master at coded language and the use of dog whistles, and there is no question that statement included some of those same references simply by leaving out the comments that [were] mentioned,” McCabe said.

“He sends a signal to his folks to fight on. He has never come out and formally undercut the theory of this domestic terrorist rebellion, which is that the lie the election was stolen from them.”

This guy was an FBI director, broke the law, was never held accountable, and now goes on TV to spread absurd lies.


This is the speech McCabe says is a call to violence:

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