Rep forced to return his honorary degree and Forbes goes fascist


Students and staff sent around a petition to take back an honorary Ph.D. given to Rep. Tom Cole at Grinnell College, based in Iowa. He graduated from the college in 1971. Rep. Cole gave it back before a decision was made by the university. The university let him.

Cole is one of 120 House Republicans who rejected electoral votes from states where the election integrity was in question.

The university president Anne Harris released a letter publicly stating that Rep. Cole “voluntarily relinquished” his honorary degree. She added unnecessarily that the college leadership was considering taking it back.

“Members of the Board of Trustees, campus leaders, and I prepared to review Grinnell’s honorary degree processes and principles, [of which they have none], as well as the historical and constitutional context within which Rep. Cole acted.”

It should have been rejected out of hand. They seem like cowards.


They’re using the riot to destroy everyone who disagrees with them. It’s fascism, it’s Stalinism.

Do you think I am exaggerating? Look at what Forbes is doing. Randall Lane wants to destroy anyone who worked for Trump.

Watch this clip from Bill O’Reilly (you can get his podcast at and it’s not expensive to do monthly or annually):




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