McCarthy: ‘No one could walk out of that room’ and leave Swalwell on intel


Eric Swalwell shouldn’t even be in Congress, but in the least, he can’t hang with, probably sleep with, a Chinese Communist Party spy for years, and remain on the House Intelligence Committee. That committee is privy to many of our nation’s secrets.

We are supposed to ignore the sexy little Chinese girl, who fundraised to get him into higher office, and who planted interns in his office, little Bang Bang or was it, Fang Fang — no matter.

Let’s see, he had top-secret data, she was a bang-bang spy, and she got him to where he was, a married man with children. Nothing to see here, guys!

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy renewed his call for Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell to be removed from the House Intelligence Committee over his relationship with the Chinese spy. She appeared to be working with China’s Ministry of State Security, according to a report by Axios. The outlet cited U.S. intelligence officials.

“No way Eric Swalwell should continue to serve on the Intel Committee”

McCarthy told Maria Bartiromo of Sunday Morning Futures on Fox News that the entire intelligence committee deserved the same FBI briefing about Fang that only he and Pelosi had received. He said no one who heard what he heard could believe Swalwell belongs on that committee.

“It was just the Speaker Nancy Pelosi and myself. It was a very thorough briefing. No one that was in that room could walk out and say Eric Swalwell should be on the Intel Committee. … The one answer that I got out of that briefing was there is no way Eric Swalwell should continue to serve on the Intel Committee,” McCarthy said.

“And the challenge here is the leaders of both parties are the only people who select to go on the Intel Committee. That is why today, Maria, what I’m going to request, that every single member on the House Intelligence Committee gets the exact same briefing from the FBI that I did, because if this individual is sitting on this committee, Eric Swalwell, they’ve got to know the background of what has gone on. I can’t talk about the classified part, but you know what’s out there in the press.”

Maybe we shouldn’t stop at throwing him off a committee. He was doing whatever he was doing with Bang Bang and then accused Donald Trump of crimes he never committed. Swalwell even invented evidence, claiming he saw the proof that never existed.

Get that guillotine ready. We’ll need it anyway when The Great Reset is implemented.


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