Helicopters circled overhead as deaf mom’s son skated outside in Calgary


Earlier today, we shared a story about Calgary police assaulting and arresting a boy for skating outside on a rink with other young men. The police refused to explain what rules he violated, and as it turned out, there were none. That’s when he resisted, and the diverse officers tased him and dragged him off.

Reporter Ezra Levant tweeted about it, linking to the video of the event“Get on the ground before I f@cking taser you!” Calgary’s out-of-control police threaten a young man for… skating outside at a park? @TheRealKeean, please find these boys, and we will sue the police for them on Monday.

This is the family they decided to make into criminals:


We have more news. The police flew a chopper in circles over the rink for the crime of skating outside!

As one Twitter user wrote: A deaf mother gave everything so her kids could play hockey. And some Karen cops with tasers want to take it away. Just following orders. The illusion of control over a virus.

Prime Minister Trudeau is too busy seeing that the CCP military is trained to notice he’s criminalizing the wrong people.

The officials are lying about the numbers suffering from the virus.

The insanity of it all as The Great Reset shows its fangs:

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