McCarthy to Visit Taiwan in a “Diplomatic Showdown”



According to left-wing reporter Jake Sherman, the Pentagon is in the early stages of planning for Speaker Kevin McCarthy to travel abroad. The visit will include Taiwan, and it’s meant as a showdown.

Biden administration officials anticipate McCarthy will visit the democratic island nation sometime in the spring.

House Republicans want to counter China. Personally, I’d rather see them find ways to stop relying on China for essentials, like medicine and semiconductors. But, what do I know?

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Planning a McCarthy trip to Taiwan would be a herculean effort for the Pentagon. Since it antagonizes Beijing, they will need a lot of security.

When former Speaker Nancy Pelosi traveled there last year, China ramped up its military drills near the island as an intimidation tactic as they ranted against the visit.

McCarthy was supportive of the visit at that time. It’s a diplomatic showdown. It’s unclear how this helps.

Congress has already boosted security assistance to Taiwan as part of the annual defense policy bill, and the White House has asked for approval of billions of dollars worth of weapons sales. This is all intended to deter a potential invasion by China’s military.
The Pentagon and McCarthy’s office declined to comment on this report.

To be realistic, there is no way Taipei could defend itself. So far, the Maoists on the mainland are content with infiltrating Taiwan and incrementally turning the people into Maoists.

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15 days ago

If you want a Diplomatic Showdown with Communist China, fire an additional 100% Import and Export Tax across their bow and earmark it for paying down the principle on the National Debt. That would mean over 700 Billion a year to pay down the National Debt. We could have the National Debt paid off in about 50 years.

15 days ago

It’s corrupt warmonger uniparty in DC

15 days ago

NATO is already on the ground training in Taiwan as in Ukraine after 2014. Someone is sure vying to start an all out World War. Apparently Ukraine wasn’t enough so let’s see if Taiwan can help it along.

Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
15 days ago

American troops carry8ng out joint military exercises with NATO troops: provocative and antagonizing. China carrying out the same, and acting very aggressively: peaceful practice.

Interesting the term for Taiwan is “island” without the addition of sovereign nation.