McConnell Establishment Is Pushing RINO Nikki Hayley for President.


Mrs. Haley is arguably America’s most prominent female conservative leader. One day she could be America’s first female president.

~ Heritage


The Heritage Foundation approved the SCOTUS Judges who keep finding against the J6 Magas, keeping them from being released. They also picked Justices Kavanaugh and Barrett. They are now pushing the rather worthless establishment candidate for 2024 – Nikki Hayley.

She betrayed Donald Trump and then — when it went over badly — tried to meet with him and get back in his good graces. He wisely refused to meet with her.

They are trying to make this incompetent weak, politician, who McConnell drags around by her invisible nose ring, into a courageous woman.

They are trying to make her into Margaret Thatcher. I remember Margaret Thatcher and she’s no Margaret Thatcher.


  • The spirit of Thatcherism is alive and well in America’s reenergized conservative movement.
  • Mrs. Haley is arguably America’s most prominent female conservative leader. [RINO]
  • American conservatives like Mrs. Haley are drawing inspiration from Thatcher’s example in how she took on the socialist left and won.

She is no conservative, period. Just because these establishment RINOs have some conservative ideas, it doesn’t mean they are conservative. They all pretend to be conservatives until they are in office.

They’re trying to turn us away from Donald Trump to make us into the new Margaret Thatcher adorêe.

She will allow us to be trampled by our enemies. Check this paragraph:

In contrast to President Biden, Mrs. Haley believes America must strengthen its alliances and partnerships with key allies instead of throwing them under the bus. At the U.N., she was widely respected by America’s friends and feared by its enemies. In the style of Thatcher, she called out dictators and tyrants from Beijing to Tehran. She rejected the poisonous appeasement mindset that dominates the White House today under the Biden administration.

She would be an absolute disaster and this article is simply pure propaganda.

In October, Nikki Haley changed her tune on a possible 2024 presidential bid, saying she will make a decision to run that is not dependent on whether former President Donald Trump has decided to seek another term himself.

She did nothing to enhance national security as Ambassador to the UN.

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