McConnell saves Dems to fight another day


There is infighting in the Democrat Party, and not-as-radical Democrats like Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin refuse to sign onto Biden’s radical 3.5 trillion spending plan. Leftists are furious because they know this is their last chance to push their agenda through before the 2022 mid-terms.

Republicans blocked the $3.5 trillion package from passing. But just a few days ago, McConnell caved and agreed to save the Democrats from their government shutdown disaster. He helped pass a “continuing resolution” to keep the government funded for a couple more weeks.

He had help:

It allowed Democrats to continue with their radical agenda. They would have had to give it up had he held the line.

Even the $1.5 trillion has plenty of these awful socialist agenda items:

McConnell should have fought for border control and demanded the vaccine mandate be blocked.

Instead, McConnell saved the Democrats, got nothing in return, and has now given the Democrats weeks to whip up the votes to pass their radical agenda.

Republicans are already offering to “compromise” with Democrats. Instead of voting for 3.5 trillion, GOPers are offering to vote for a 1.5 trillion bill.

The $1.5 trillion is still filled with socialist items.

The border is being overrun,  and Biden is destroying Americans’ liberty. Why aren’t they ranting about it?

They are planning to surrender. Hold their feet to the fire. Call your representatives and senators and tell them what you want them to fight. We didn’t vote for them to wave the white flag.

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7 months ago

Why do supposedly intelligent people in the Congress support compromised people like McConnell and Pelosi in the Congress. Both have way to much family business with the Communist Chinese. To say they aren’t compromised is just sticking you head in the sand. There is something about living in the beltway too long that corrupts 90% of the people in Congress. We need to repeal the 17th Amendment and place a 10 year limit on serving in the House.

Independent Station WJAZ
Independent Station WJAZ
7 months ago

CCP Mitch gonna roll with his comrades every day all day.
The historic turkey neck czar just loves him some China!

Frank S.
Frank S.
7 months ago

GOP should include border security in EVER SINGLE negotiation with Dems from this point on. They would get tons of support from normal Americans fed up with hoards of unvaccinated, unvetted illegals flowing across our southern “border”.

Tim Shep
Tim Shep
7 months ago

Well I’m from the People’s republic of Delaware and the three comrades who represent me are in Schumer’s and Pelosi’s pocket. Carpers all involved with climate change Coons is all wrapped up in bi-partisanship, where for him that means that the GOP bend over and give in to the DNC while Blunt Rochester just goes along with what ever Princess Pelosi wants, so calling them is a waste of my time.