New poll shows voters want to divide the country into Red and Blue states


A poll conducted by the Center for Politics at the University of Virginia in partnership with Project Home Fire found that 41% of Biden voters and 52% of Trump voters favor dividing the country in two between Democratic-voting and Republican-voting states.

“Yeah, it’s gotten that bad,” Mediaite writer Colby Hall wrote in his report.

The report states:

Roughly 2 in 10 Trump and Biden voters strongly agree it would be better if a “President could take needed actions without being constrained by Congress or courts,” and roughly 4 in 10 (41%) of Biden and half (52%) of Trump voters at least somewhat agree that it’s time to split the country, favoring blue/red states seceding from the union.

Having a President unconstrained is a dictatorship. We already have that with Biden who is radicalizing the right with his totalitarian rules.

Dividing into blue and red states sounds inviting but it’s only setting us up for a takeover by our enemies although that is happening now. The invasion at the border includes some very bad people from over 150 countries.

The results show that nearly half of Americans from both major political parties believe the nation’s political divide has become so toxic and irreparable that secession may well be the best solution.

More than 60% of Biden and Trump voters reportedly said they viewed America as “less a representative democracy and more a system that is run by and rigged for the benefit of the wealthy.”

Overall, more than two-thirds support … emboldening and empowering strong leaders and taking the law into their own hands when it comes to dealing with people or groups they view as dangerous,” the report stated.

The UVA Center for Politics called their findings “dangerous and alarming.”

If this continues, we will be engaged in Civil War or a dictatorship, or both. It’s very dangerous. thinking. How do we bridge the divide?


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10 months ago

We have gotten here because we allowed the Federal Government to have too much power. A country this large will never be in agreement on morality issues. The Founding Fathers understood this from the very beginning which is why they originally created a Constitutional Republic with limited powers and left most of the day to day issues to be handled by the States. The real issue is simple. Communist Democrats are control freaks, Conservative Republicans just want to be left alone. As long as there is a Large Federal Government there will be a fight to the death for control over it.

A divide would clearly benefit the Red States, but it would seriously weaken the Country. The majority of Energy and Food production is in Red States and the Purple States which would side with Red States due to proximity. The West Coast would be forced to make an alliance with China or totally collapse. The North East would most likely end up in Limbo. Wall Street will move to Dallas. When it’s all said and done there would be maybe a dozen Blue States. CO and NM will go with the Red States as would all of the Rust Belt. The Atlantic Coast would go Red. As the Liberal Blue States implode people will try to “escape” to Red States; if they can get out, but I doubt Red State would have them. Blue States will implode simply because they can’t feed their populations.

So the answer is not Red and Blue States, it’s less Federal Government and more autonomy for the 50 States. Virtually all Federal Laws and Regulations has to go and that role must return to being a State Function. Even all Federal domestic Law Enforcement would need to go, except for enforcement of Supreme Court decisions. The Civil War consolidated too much power in Washington DC which opened the door for the massive corruption we now have. At most, the Federal Government could have authority over corrupt State Politicians, but control of the People is too much tyranny. At no level should Executive Branches and Bureaucrats have mandate powers or regulator authority; only Legislative bodies make law. Same for the Courts, no legislating from the Bench. Judges who do that need to be Impeached.

Downsizing the Federal Government is relatively easy because most of it’s functions are duplicated at the State level. Only 5 or 6 Cabinet positions are really needed. It will be the elimination of entitlements that will take time, and Social Security is the Multi-Trillion Dollar gorilla in the Beltway. Election Reform is an immediate must as is campaign finance, only individuals should donate to elections and all Media must be required to give equal time to all candidates – for free! There can be no censorship of political speech in any form. Taxes need to be fair across the board, no special breaks for anyone. If the federal tax code is more than 50 pages, it’s too big. Personal Property shouldn’t be taxed; we don’t lease our property from the Government. If you want to keep the Union then drastically downsize the Federal Government and Limit it to it’s enumerated powers and nothing else. We are only divided because all the Power is in the Beltway instead of distributed among 50 State Capitals. The reason Trump voters are for a split is because we just want the Federal Government to leave us alone.

The New Frontier
The New Frontier
10 months ago

O/T-Comrade kommissarina Feinstein (CPUSA/CCP) introduces bill that requires the not-a-vax to fly in das Homeland.
See how the CCP gets more bang for their investment buck in fellow travelers!
By any means necessary, it will all be burned down so that China can have an easy cakewalk.

Music From Mount Belzoni
Music From Mount Belzoni
10 months ago

All of those worst case scenarios are features and not bugs to the CPUSA.
Bitter clingers, deplorables, kulaks, untermenschen, can’t be expected to pay for it all and be second class citizens at the same time.
Beijing Obiden and his handlers will deliver the North America prize to the globalists by any means necessary.