McConnell’s brilliant statement on Nancy’s “golden pens on silver platters”


The signing of the Articles of Impeachment took place on a table with a political slogan on it, Mitch McConnell noted today on the floor of the Senate. The Senate Majority Leader said that Speaker Pelosi gave out souvenirs, “golden pens on silver platters,” as he painted a picture of a garish atmosphere.

The Speaker claimed for weeks that impeachment was a most serious and somber affair. She was very prayerful, according to her. McConnell called her on her hypocrisy.

“Nothing says seriousness and sobriety like handing out souvenirs,” McConnell said of the partisan process.

It was partisan from beginning to end, the Leader said, which is why they rushed the process in the House and denied the President due process.

[It was like a Carnival, but they are clowns.]

The Speaker didn’t find anything strange about handing out souvenirs during only the third presidential impeachment in history, McConnell asserted.

The Senate was empowered to serve as a check against a factionalized government, he reminded the members. McConnell talked of “animosities” and “animal instincts” the Senate is meant to keep at bay. The House’s hour is over and it’s time for the Senate to fulfill their purpose.

McConnell quoted Alexander Hamilton: “the demon of faction will, at certain seasons, extend his scepter over all numerous bodies of men.”


By way of comparison, listen to Speaker Nancy who is truly clueless, especially when she tries to blather quotes from our Founders or Abraham Lincoln:



  1. We now know exactly why the impeachment articles were delayed. Pelosi ordered the pens on Amazon and forgot to use Prime, so the shipment was delayed by four weeks.

  2. The next thing that needs to be on silver platters are the heads of the criminal moron in our government responsible for the huge waste of taxpayers time and money over this bullshit!

  3. Custom pens with Pelosi’s signature on each pen which cost the taxpayers. Should have used a Bic because the impeachment is not worth the paper it is written on. Pelosi is a laughingstock, she needs to pack up her alzeheimers meds and return to sewer hole by the bay that she created.

  4. She may have been giggling and handing out pens like it was a birthday party rather than a further Democrat corruption of our Constitution, but her brain cells gave out long ago.

  5. Wow…NanPo pisses away $2K on EACH pen and McConnell makes a “brilliant statement!” Way to go, Mitch! Problem solved! Why isn’t the GAO looking into Nancy’s opulent purchase? Dems commit crimes, frauds, malfeasance…and Republicans “scorch” or “slam” them and we’re all supposed to nod with satisfaction and get back to work so we can keep paying for it. But it never stops. Doesn’t even slow down.

    • GAO is a part of congress. Basically controlled by the party in power in the congress. Will seldom reflect badly on the party in power. And, their reports have been wrong so many times its become a joke agency. Maybe time to close that one down, along with a few of the other alpha agencies.
      Just sayin’.

  6. Nancy Pelosi is not mentally well. She and the demented Democrats can’t be trusted with power. Their waste of taxpayer time and money is on display for the world to see.

  7. In November the American people (and the sheeple) will have a stark choice to make. I pray that our Republican Senators and House members as well as those who will run for seats held by dumbocrats will have the fortitude to step up and tell America why four more years of President Trump is the ONLY way to save this country from socialism. If we keep fraud and cheating out of our elections we have a better than 50/50 chance.

  8. The woman is a total moron and so are those who vote for her. Just look at her and listen. If she lived next door to me I’d put up a fence and make sure she never got close to my kids. She’s totally deranged.

  9. Every DemocRAT Senator that took the oath to tell the truth lied about telling the truth under oath. Lying is in the DemocRAT’s DNA (Dems Never Accurate).

  10. Nazi Pelosi is in the first stage of old timers if you ask me.This old witch is off her rocker.She thinks people really like her and that she is soooo smart I hate to tell you Nazi but you are a fool an old rich fool and you are not very smart at all in fact you are stupid and you are a communist to boot go back to Mexifornia maybe they still think you are sane.

  11. They laugh at us….they laugh at us because we as citizens dont have the spine to keep our government in check and hold our politicians responsible for their words and deeds. Everything they do…on both sides…is a clown show and entertainment tv for the express purpose of party power. Its all a soap opera.

  12. Nancy Pelosi and the pack of fools:

    Female Svengali, leader of the pack of psychologically disordered agents of Lucifer! Watch her mannerisms, spastic facial and speech patterns.
    This is a giveaway as to a deep seated disturbance. You can see the same symptoms in her disciples, like Schiff and Nadler. The body politic seems to be infested with these demented power mongers. Look at the history of personality disorders of leaders who have destroyed which were once stable nations.

    R T Poet

    • I noticed the body language of the politicos as you did. It’s fascinating that people who believe they are more intelligent, and important than us mere mortals, have so little self awareness that they are oblivious as to how they signal who and what they inherently are. I noticed how Nadler leaned on his elbow on the podium while Nancy was speaking at it. while the other 6 administrators stood there like mummies with their hands clasped in front of them. Nadler’s stance indicating he was in charge, calling the shots, and Nancy was just a mouth piece for this impeachment farce.

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