‘Wax My B***s’ Transgender May Finally End Up in Jail


Disgraced transgender activist Jessica Yaniv may soon have to go to prison for his latest of many transgressions. He recently assaulted a Rebel Media reporter.

Last year Yaniv, a biological male, tried to force female immigrant beauticians to wax his male genitalia. He cost these women money and time in court and put one out of business. He did lose in the end.

Yaniv is back in the news after attacking an independent reporter outside a courthouse. Video footage shared on social media by Keean Bexte of The Rebel Media shows him approaching Yaniv outside a courthouse in the Canadian city of Surrey.  The transgender activist reportedly appeared for a hearing on a prohibited weapons charge.

“Will you be pleading guilty?” the reporter/journalist asked.

Yaniv ran toward Bexte in response, yelling “GO, GO!” It looks like Yaniv then assaulted Bexte.


MR. Bexte has pushed to get the police to charge Yaniv.

“Police have been reluctant to charge him before, and so I’m speaking to legal counsel to figure out my options to make sure this menace sees justice,” he said.

But, then, there is that whole PC thingy in Canada.

In an updated statement published Wednesday, Bexte confirmed that he was in touch with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and he is expecting charges to be filed.

“My footage of Yaniv’s testosterone-fuelled fit of madness went viral on social media and garnered international news coverage — probably the reason why RCMP finally seem ready to enforce the law, even if it’s too late for Yaniv’s other victims, especially the immigrant women he targeted through his infamous ball-waxing scheme.”

Yaniv could face five years in prison and, while he calls himself Jessica, he is still a biological male.

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