Mean Girl Liz Cheney Gloated Over Kari Lake’s Loss to a Far-Left Dem


The remarkably vindictive and nasty Liz Cheney gloated on Twitter at the loss of a great candidate for governor in Arizona whose only goal was to help the people. Cheney actively campaigned for candidate Katie Hobbs who ranks right on level with John Fetterman. Hobbs was Kari Lake’s rival for governor of Arizona.

Liz Cheney, now a far-left Democrat enabler will make sure Kari Lake loses.

Democrat Katie Hobbs will be the next governor of Arizona after she toppled Republican Kari Lake, who was labeled an election denier for questioning the 2020 election results. Lake found it hard to believe 81 million people voted for the Oval Office resident. That was more votes than Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton received.

Lake had been posting increasingly larger margins in vote updates from Maricopa County but was not gaining a big enough share to overtake Hobbs.

Hobbs, Arizona’s current secretary of state, managed to clinch victory, although many problems need to be investigated. For example, seniors had hours-long waits in their complexes due to voting machine problems.

In a razor-thin race, Hobbs won 50.4% of the roughly 2.5 million votes counted almost one week from Election Day. That’s another problem needing investigation.

Yet, the get-even Cheney gloated, pleased as punch that Lake lost, Republicans lost, and she can pretend she made it happen.

Hobbs will replace outgoing Arizona Governor Doug Ducey, a Republican who has served since 2015.

Cheney actively campaigned with the slow-on-the-uptake Lake rival, Democrat Katie Hobbs, and other far-left Democrats. She preferred the far-left to conservatives while calling herself a conservative. Now we see she gloated on Twitter to be rub it in.

She can now gloat on CNN, MSNBC, and give interviews to the New York Times to defeat more Republicans.

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