Biden’s Readout of His Xi Meeting Is the Opposite of Xi’s


According to the official White House readout, Biden claims that during his meeting with President Xi Jinping, he avoided conflict with an increasingly aggressive China. The message was that Washington does not want a “new cold war” in Asia and is seeking to turn down the temperature through more talks and re-engagement to ease tensions.

Xi didn’t get the memo before, during, or after the meeting. He said the world is facing a historical turning point and demanded that the United States accept China’s communist system and his drive to rejuvenate the nation.

The Chinese government said in a statement that the Chinese leader bluntly warned the United States that resolving differences about Taiwan remains a flashpoint for a potential conflict.

Biden didn’t mention the pandemic, the Uyghurs, the CCP stealing our technology, threats of war, expansion, or the fentanyl China sends to Mexico to kill Americans. But he likely kept Hunter’s investments intact.

China’s large-scale military buildup includes the rapid expansion of its nuclear missile arsenal. During his three hours of talks on the sidelines of an economic summit in Bali, Indonesia, Biden did not mention it. 


His idea of not starting a cold war is to cave to China on everything. Meanwhile, Xi is winning on every issue, which may be irreversible.

“Well, in this time and age, great changes are unfolding in ways like never before…

“Humanity is confronted with unprecedented challenges. The world has come to a crossroads. Where to go from here — this is a question that is not only on our mind but also on the mind of all countries…

“History is the best textbook, so we should take history as a mirror and let it guide the future.”

To translate, he is saying that the United States will fall and China’s communist empire will succeed.

Also, he is helping the World Economic Forum destroy the West.

That’s what really happened during their meeting.


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1 year ago

Xi told Traitor Joe to sit down, shut up, and listen. Like a good little mama’s boy he sat down bowed his head and said “Yes Sir!”