Media black out on WA state ferry walk outs over vaccine mandates.


The vaccine mandate issue is a very serious freedom issue. If people would stick together, they could win but our prediction is most will cave to keep their jobs and the freedoms the government will allow them. In the end, it will bring down our standard of living but that appears to be what Democrats want.

On Friday, Washington State Ferries warned travelers that seven of its 10 routes are operating with fewer boats Friday, as chronic crew shortages suddenly worsened and left a key transportation system in disarray.

About 170 ferry crossings were canceled system-wide Friday over vaccine mandates, and it comes after days of disruptions for Washington State Ferries.

Crew shortages and sick calls brought much of the Washington State Ferries (WSF) system to a halt Friday. About 170 ferry crossings were canceled system-wide, an unprecedented number, and it comes after days of disruptions for ferry riders.

Dozens of weekend sailings were also canceled or delayed due to a lack of Coast Guard documented crew, while other routes were running on reduced boat service. WSF encouraged travelers to check the online ferry schedule and plan ahead for longer waits and potential delays. Click here to view the real-time WSF travel map. Watch the clip:

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