Media Blackout on Air Trafficker Controllers’ Walk Out over Vaccine Mandates


Air traffic controllers in Florida and Texas walked out over the vaccine mandates on Friday evening. The MSM and the airlines chose not to tell the truth and claimed weather and staffing issues delayed flights.

The corrupt media will not tell you the truth.

According to the FAA, mass flight cancellations were blamed on limited staffing at the Jacksonville Air Traffic Control Center in Hilliard and weather Friday night.

Several flights in and out of Florida were either canceled or delayed.

Southwest Airlines is the latest major U.S. airline to mandate that employees receive the Covid-19 vaccination or lose their jobs. The airline is immediately suffering the consequences due to a reported mass ‘sickout’ that is causing severe delays and hundreds of flight cancellations.

“The Dallas-based company said its workers must be fully vaccinated by Dec. 8 in order to remain at the airline. Employees can seek approval to skip the shots due to medical or religious reasons,” KDVR reported.

The major airline carrier is now suffering severe operational disruption due to widespread reports.

“Southwest Airlines is suffering an operational meltdown this weekend as hundreds upon hundreds of flights have been delayed or canceled outright,” the Points Guy reported.  “The airline is blaming weather and an air traffic control issue from Friday for the domino effect of cancellations.”

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Dee Dee
Dee Dee
2 years ago

Biden created the shortage of essential medical personnel because of firings over the vaccine mandate. Now there is a shortage of air traffic controllers for the same reason. Police officers are retiring early or outright quitting since shootings of police has risen 91%. All of these professionals are critical to the health and safety of Americans. Don’t even get me started on restaurants! So who will be next? Meat and food processing plant employees? Government employees who work in courthouses and motor vehicle offices? The economy is finally opening up, but Biden is making sure it will close back down again. Brilliant!

Maggie D
Maggie D
2 years ago
Reply to  Dee Dee

That is how you destroy a country. Check Saul Alinsky’s rules for taking over a country and turning it Socialist, Fascist, or Communist. We are right on schedule for destroying America.

The Shadow Knows
The Shadow Knows
2 years ago

Paging Brandon Letsko, Letsko Brandon please pick up the RED courtesy phone.
Bwahah! Someone actually did that at O’Hare airport in Chicago.
BTW-Shouldn’t O’Hare be renamed as it is named after a white WAR hero ACE pilot from WWII?
Not even a peep from Bolshevik enemedia with only Patriot Media even mentioning it.
All part of the plan to limit personal travel as the controlled demolition of the former constitutional republic goes into uncontrolled mode during the long Dark Winter.