Media Matters Is Pure Evil


So Media Matters pounded on a vending machine until a candy bar eventually dropped, and then claimed with a straight face that it just came out on its own as they walked by.

~ Mark Dice

Top advertising executives are pressuring Linda Yaccarino, CEO of X, to resign following the fake controversy ginned up about Elon Musk’s allegedly anti-Semitic post. He explained what he meant by his response, but no one wants to hear it.

Linda Yaccarino believes in the mission.

The real Media Matters goal is what it always is when it comes to opposing opinion – destroy it. They want to destroy X, Elon Musk, and free speech.

The Sentinel already explained what the “controversial” exchange was that set off the manufactured firestorm, so I’m just linking to it here, but what Musk was referring to was ADL, not Jewish communities.

Media Matters, an anti-American hate publisher, claimed what appears to be a false allegation against X. They claimed ads from companies like IBM and Amazon were placed alongside content promoting Nazism and white nationalism.

As a result, numerous prominent companies have since suspended their ads.

As Dana Loesch noted on X, Media Matters assigns one reporter to each of the top conservative sites. They do that to find ways to attack them and shut down their free speech.

Exposing Media Matters, pure evil
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X executive Joe Benarroch discloses that the content highlighted in Media Matters’ article about this alleged practice of putting Nazi ads alongside major company ads constituted a mere 50 out of 5,500,000,000 ad impressions served throughout the entire day.

In reality, virtually no authentic users encountered these ads juxtaposed with the mentioned content—except for Media Matters’ employees, who intentionally exploited the system to locate such material.

How did Media Matters achieve this? They created three new accounts, each following only a small number of accounts posting objectionable material. By relentlessly refreshing their timeline—13 times more frequently than an average user—they were able to capture screenshots of major corporate advertisements alongside the targeted content.

This revelation exposes Media Matters’ calculated strategy: generating these screenshots as leverage to compel major advertisers to withdraw their ads from X.

Manipulation is evil, and that’s what Media Matters does.

Media Matters is evil and manipulative.

We haven’t heard whether or not the thermonuclear lawsuit against Media Matters has been filed, but we do expect it will be filed.

Prominent X users are posting: Media Matters is pure evil, pass it on.

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