Biden’s DHS Has a New Plan to Address ‘Migrants’ in Panama


CBS News reported that President Joe Biden’s administration wants to send immigration officials to Panama to address U.S.-bound migrants. If it’s more of what he’s done so far, it will be to devise a way to get them in faster and pretend they were screened.

From the report:

The Department of Homeland Security has identified a team of officials with experience screening asylum-seekers and deporting migrants that will be dispatched to Panama once a final agreement is reached with that country’s government, which asked for the assistance, the U.S. government officials said, requesting anonymity in order to discuss internal plans.

The objective is to have personnel from various DHS agencies, including U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services and Immigration and Customs Enforcement train and assist Panamanian authorities as they grapple with an extraordinary flow of migrants into the Darién Gap, a rugged jungle that connects Panama with South America.

These officials also want to train Panamanian officials how “to screen migrants for humanitarian protection and deport those who don’t qualify.” It will help Panama deal with its own immigration issues.

The officials told CBS News the State Department would pay for the initiative with subsidized funds. They are using State Department funds but the government doesn’t have any money.

Of course, they will pay since we have money we borrow from China to burn.

The border patrol counted over 2.47 million encounters in FY 2023, setting an all-time record. That doesn’t count gotaways, people who fly in, or come in via apps or other corrupt deals out of the White House.

By some accounts, the US has a good ten million anonymous people from all over the world in the country.

FY 2024 started with a bang. The border patrol had almost 250,000 encounters with migrants in October 2023. The border patrol also arrested 12 people on the FBI terror watchlist along the southern border.

It only took 19 to create 9/11. The best we can hope for is they will have to live off welfare for a number of years.

Imagine all those we didn’t catch.

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