Mediaite ‘reporter’ Zachary Petrizzo follows a pervy account


No one with any common sense would believe that Rep. Dan Crenshaw would brazenly follow a Twitter account of a high-priced hooker. And, anyway, have you seen his gorgeous wife?

A bottom-feeding ‘journalist’ for Mediaite and Daily Dot, Zachary Petrizzo, thought he should report that the Crenshaw account follows a pricey hooker. Petrizzo then added photos from the woman’s sex-laden account. The so-called journalist wanted to embellish the message.

Crenshaw thanked him for pointing it out since no one from his office followed the account, and he changed his password.

It was either a mistake or a hack perhaps.

This happened to me. I followed a political account, and all of a sudden, within days, it was pornographic. Twitter allows accounts to be completely and easily retooled.

And, at other times, sometimes, by mistake, one follows the wrong account.


Twitter users then began to pour through Petrizzo’s account, and boy, does he look stupid.

Sadly, most of the responses on Petrizzo’s account were to insult Republicans. Others defended prostitution as a fine career choice.

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