Media’s Raging Anti-White Racism: “Little Murderous White Supremacist”


The media’s talking points today are blatantly racist. “Defending while white” is one of them.
The Left is determined to destroy American’s right to self-defense, at least as it concerns white people. They’re abusing an 18-year old to make their point.

The ultimate goal is to tear down the justice system and every principle developed over hundreds of years.

The hate and the racism are vicious and it’s media-driven, aided by communists in Biden’s Brownshirt army.

Racist MSNBC host

Racist Tiffany Cross called Rittenhouse a “little murderous White supremacist without any evidence that he is a supremacist:

No Black people were shot. Three criminals who support the hard left were shot while attacking Kyle Rittenhouse. Despite the verdict and the possibility of multiple DEFAMATION suits Rittenhouse can file, the lying media is doubling down.

Nothing More Frightening Than Angry White Men

CNN’s John Blake is a committed race-baiting racist. He wrote in an article out today that what most frightens him are “angry White men.”

“There is nothing more frightening in America today than an angry White man,” Blake wrote in an analysis posted Saturday after Kyle Rittenhouse was acquitted.

His evidence is the killing of Ahmaud Arbery and the violence in Charlottesville which was partly caused by Antifa and Black Lives Matter going to a right-wing march.

“Race is an inescapable theme that runs through all the trials. At the center of each are White men who are accused of using unjustified violence, either against an unarmed Black man or during racial protests,” he wrote.

He forgets to mention that 90% of the murders of Black men are by other Black men. More than half of the murders in this country are by Black men.

MSNBC’s Joy Reid Tries to Make It About Anti-Semitism

The Chicago Sun-Times and White Privilege

The Sun-Times says that the message from the Rittenhouse verdict is that if you are White and believe Black Lives Matter, your life is worth nothing.

“Don’t get involved with social justice reform. Don’t protest senseless police killings. Just sit back and enjoy your white privilege. If you take to the streets with the Black Lives Matter crowd, you might end up dead. And we’re going to do everything possible to make sure your killer walks free.”

In other words, young white people, if you believe that Black lives matter, your life means nothing.

That is so twisted, it’s not worth rebutting. The facts of the story are completely skewed by corrupt and dishonest media. The three criminals who were shot were violent Antifa who were burning down Kenosha. The Sun-Times claims the first man shot and killed, Joseph Rosenbaum was just mentally ill, but, in fact, he sexually molested 11 boys, ages 9-11, and raped five of them. He spent more than ten years in prison. He was very violent the night he died and was the only one who appeared racist. He was calling everyone a “n—er.”

MSNBC’s Jason Johnson Says White Boys Can Now Kill Anyone

Black Lives Matter wants Rittenhouse tried again:

Black Lives Matter is calling for the Feds to recharge Kyle Rittenhouse with murder. They apparently don’t like double jeopardy either. Black Lives Matter activist Troy Gaston told Breitbart News that the federal government should file murder charges against Kyle Rittenhouse. Gaston’s comments to Breitbart followed a speech at a “Stop White Supremacy!” rally in Chicago on Saturday. He’s repeating Rep. Jerry Nadler’s views.

The lunatics are running the asylum:

Black Lives Matter is just about communism, as is Antifa.

Any excuse for violence and looting.

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