Medical Journal Tells Writers to Abandon “Biological Sex”


Legal Insurrection picked up this story from the Wokes at The Lancet. The allegedly scientific journal claims “gender assigned at birth” is the proper terminology. The progressive wokes want to mess with your mind. Don’t let them. They plan to turn science into a non-science to please the minority of people who don’t like their gender.

The Legal Insurrection

The prestigious medical journal The Lancet‘s guidelines encourage writers to embrace gender identity instead of biological sex.

“Sex and gender are often incorrectly portrayed as binary (female/male or woman/man), concordant, and static,” says the guidelines.

Therefore, those submitting articles “should use the term ‘sex assigned at birth’ rather than ‘biological sex,’ ‘birth sex’ or ‘natal sex’ as it is more accurate and inclusive.”

The Lancet claims “there is no single, universally agreed-upon set of guidelines for defining sex and gender or reporting sex-based and gender-based analyses.”

If it feels crazy, trust your gut. They’re trying to dumb us down.

This is insane:

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