Medical practices are in trouble due to the lockdown which must end


The damage from the lockdown is very wide-ranging and Democrats are going to take their time opening the government as they redesign everything according to their far-left visions.

It has done serious damage to medical practices. The lockdown does not need to continue. The virus is bad but for certain groups and those groups can be kept in lockdown.

The information from the IHME was bad and we must get different modelers.

We need to open up for business sooner rather than later. Oil slid again today and the market went down with it. The Dow tumbled 631 points. Pork and meat dealers are struggling as demand from restaurants plummets. That filters down to the factories and then the ranchers who are already in trouble.

The reality now is that the death toll will be closer to .1% and, if we had known, we would not have shut down the entire country.

Watch these doctors with the bad news:


Meanwhile, some states governed by the hard-left will not open until they have completely redesigned everything. The President pulled a switcheroo on them. He will close down all immigration until the lockdown is over. That forces their hand. If they want immigration, they have to open their governments.

Extremely hard left Governor of California, Gavin Newsom, said California will not return to normalcy any time soon. He said it was “unrealistic” to think life as we knew it before the coronavirus pandemic would be back to normal anytime soon.

Newsom doesn’t have many cases but believes there will be a second wave.

He told an interviewer for CBS News, “You have to radically change the floor plans in the schools, in businesses, private-public institutions, large and small. We’re gonna have new protocols and procedures, temperature checks, people wearing face coverings across the spectrum. ”

“But the idea of tens of thousands of fans coming together across their differences, high-fiving one another, hugging each other— after a base hit or a strikeout— is not something I’m anticipating any time soon.”

Here comes the Green New Deal:

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