Medieval BLM horde attacks McDonald’s black manager


A Black Lives Matter mob stormed into a McDonald’s restaurant in Pittsburgh this weekend. They screamed through bullhorns at employees and at diners. The store even had their BLM sign up.

The leader of the BLM mob started to threaten the black restaurant manager. The manager stood up to the thugs as they damaged the store and appeared ready to hurt him.

As we have repeatedly reported, Black Lives Matter, led by Marxist-trained women is a movement of criminals and terrorists who want to abuse people and commit crimes without any repercussions. They are getting away with it.

There aren’t as many of them as you think. The organizers travel about to stir up the masses, expecially the poor and gang kids.


These lunatics travel from protest to protest.

Here’s the Portland crew in New York City:

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3 years ago

NBA and NFL supports these groups through financial donations in the millions

Judyann Joyner
Judyann Joyner
3 years ago
Reply to  wheelie1952

As does 269 major corporations in America including Home Depot. Search out the full list off these companies, IT IS INFURIATING. They are donating $BILLIONS MOST of which is funneled directly to the DNC.

Why it is IMPERATIVE the DOJ officially labels them, antifa and BLM terrorist organizations AND SLAPS THEM WITH RICO CASES. This automatically allows the FBI to follow the money all the way to the top. And WE KNOW who that is, George Soros and Barack Hussein.

David Andres
David Andres
3 years ago

These are not protesters one bit, they are clearly terrorist and Nothing to do with BLM!