Medvedev Threatens to Send Britain Into the “Abyss”


“At least until such time as their arrogant, despicably dank island sinks into the abyss of the sea from a wave triggered by a cutting-edge Russian weapons system.”

~ Dmitry Medvedev

Yesterday, former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev declared that the United Kingdom is the “eternal enemy” of Moscow and said that Britain will be sent into the “abyss of the see”a from a Russian weapon.

“Britain was, is, and will be our eternal enemy,” Mr. Medvedev wrote, going on to describe recent prime ministers Boris Johnson, Theresa May, and Rishi Sunak — whose name he claimed to have forgotten — as “bizarre creatures.”

In any case, until their impudent and disgustingly damp island goes into the abyss of the sea from the wave created by the latest Russian weapons system.”

“Let it be, as the Beatles sang…” Medvedev concluded.

He was commenting on the latest UK sanctions imposed on five individuals involved in the investigation concerning jailed journalist Vladimir Kara-Murza, who has been designated as a foreign agent in Russia, Tass reported.

“After German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius said he considered Ukraine’s limited attacks on Russian territory acceptable, Medvedev went bonkers on Twitter.


“On Pistorius the Kraut

“The German defence minister, without giving it too much thought, blurted out something about military operations on our territory. He surely envies the glory of the third reich warlords. Well, he actually needs to remember a historical omen. The German who wishes to attack Russia, must be ready for our parade in Berlin,” Medvedev tweeted.

“In Kiev, Stoltenberg said: “Ukraine’s rightful place is in NATO. And over time, our support will help you to make this possible”. Translating NATO Secretary General’s utterance from Ukro-English into plain English: “over time” means, “will join the alliance with the parts by then belonging to Poland, Hungary, and Romania,” and “our support will help you” stands for, “it’s so good that soon I won’t be there,” Medvedev said on Twitter.

There is more! His next tweet, “Some dumbhead called Mateusz Morawiecki said that Ukraine had the right to hit Russia, and that he had no worries about NATO’s war against Russia, because the latter would soon lose it. I don’t know who’s going to win, or lose such a war, but considering Poland’s role as a NATO’s outpost in Europe, this country is sure to disappear together with its stupid prime minister,” said Medvedev.

He wrote that last one in Polish too.

Earlier in April, Medvedev said “Ukraine will disappear” because “nobody needs it.”

Some people suggest he’s off his meds.

Twitteratil are angry that Medvedev is on Twitter with a grey checkmark and Hillary doesn’t have a grey checkmark. The answer is simple. Hillary is no longer in the government.

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