Meet some of the leaders of the January 6 riot at the Capitol


The people who rioted at the Capitol included some interesting people that the media fails to notice. They aren’t white supremacists. We don’t want them overlooked.

The rioters leading the charge into the Capitol on January 6th included a Democrat Orthodox Jew named Aaron Mostofsky. He is the son of a Democrat Brooklyn judge. Aaron was indicted on eight counts, several felonies.

There is climate activist, vegan, non-voter, QShaman Jake Angeli. Currently, he faces 25 years in federal prison.

Let’s not forget Democrat, Obama voter, transgender woman Jessica Watkins. She and a friend are charged with conspiracy.

Jessica Watkins

There is also radical leftist Democrat John Sullivan, who hates Donald Trump and led the riot with a CNN reporter. NBC and CNN paid Sullivan for his video. He protested with Black Lives Matter, has his own radical communist group (Insurgence), and called for revolution. He was arrested for fomenting rebellion at the Capitol.

Donavan Crowl did not even vote nor was he registered to vote in the 2020 election. He’s charged.

There were other Democrats among the violent radicals.

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