Huge demographic shifts! GOP is becoming the party of blue collar workers


NBC News and their polls aren’t the most reliable, but nonetheless, the demographic changes they see are visible on other polls.

NBC News‘ “Meet the Press” came up with interesting data from an NBC News poll. It showed a demographic shift with more blue-collar workers possibly joining the Republican Party.

That’s great news.

These changes are mostly the result of Donald Trump’s agenda. We finally had a president who cared about bad trade deals and foreigners taking US jobs. They probably like their freedoms also.


“Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd noted that “both parties are undergoing massive changes in who their voters are.”

According to NBC News, “one massive shift is coming in employment: the kinds of jobs Democrats and Republicans hold. There are signs across racial and ethnic demographic groups that Republicans are becoming the party of blue-collar Americans and the change is happening quickly.”

Over the last 10 years, the percentage of “blue-collar voters” who describe themselves as Republicans grew by 12 points, while at the same time, the number in that group who identify as Democrat went down eight points.

The number of “white-collar voters” has remained mostly the same.

NBC News reports that this might lead to a shift in policy proposals of the GOP. “Some signs of what this change could mean became visible just after the election when Republican voters aligned with former President Donald Trump called for larger Covid-19 relief payments from the government. A larger cash payout is not a policy choice one would normally associate with Republicans.”

The number of white blue-collar workers increased 12 points over the past 10 years, and there was an increase in minority blue-collar workers aligning with them, as well.

The GOP saw a 13-point increase in Hispanic blue collar workers, which is slightly higher than the white blue-collar worker numbers.

Black blue-collar workers increased from five percent to 12 percent over the last 10 years.

The biggest jump was from 2016 to 2020.


Chuck Todd described the data this way: “The two parties are trading places to a certain extent. As Democrats make gains in traditionally Republican suburbs, Republicans are picking off blue-collar voters who used to be ‘Democrats.’” The host added, “Increasingly, the current Republican Party is looking more and more like the Democratic Party of the mid-20th century. Think ’50s and ’60s.”

That angered the Left on Twitter who want him canceled. On social media, the left-wing trolls want all Sunday Morning News hosts canceled because they dared have Republicans on as guests. Democrat trolls say all Republicans are liars and this weekend, Lindsey Graham, Steve Scalise, Ron Johnson, and Rand Paul all showed up on the news shows. The cancel culture, aka Stalinists, do not want anyone to hear anything from them.

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